Mikee’s biography

My passion for music started when i was a young boy, listening to all kinds of music. I started recording tapes and made my own mixes. At the age of 18 I travelled across the country as a dj when a good friend started his own drive-in disco show.

The passion for music stayed and grew, even when i stopped being a dj. However, you can’t take away the passion, and years later a bunch of family and friends saw that i wanted to play the music, and that was the turning point. They gave me a beautiful gift on my surprise birthday party: 2 turntables and some vinyl to start mixing again! From that moment on i started collecting different styles of house music and started spinning the wheels of steel again.

My first performance was on a dj contest, and i won! I was given the opportunity to perform at Best Oldscool Events (BOE), and from that moment on I have played on Ibiza, on festivals like Electronic Picnic, Last Minute Summer Event, Luilak Festival, RelaXation Micro Festival, and in clubs like Escape, The Sands, Hollywood Music Hall and P3.

I am known for my enthousiastic performance and for playing funky groovy tunes. I like to play a mix of techhouse, techno, house and deephouse. I have played with some of the most famous dj’s all over the world, like DJ JP aka Lone Striker, DJ Jean, Gino Lightner, Groovemaster Johnson, and became one of the resident dj’s at Care2Dance Foundation and Funky Fellas in Holland.

I hosted my first own party at Strand West in Amsterdam, and my son and upcoming talent Noose (Bart Strop), played at that gig too! Spinning back 2 back with him was a great experience, and sharing the same passion for music is awesome!

Funky Fellas was the next step to make. Noose and Mikee (Funky Fellas) host their own parties called House of Zo, which is already a huge succes in The Netherlands and on Ibiza!

At this moment i am gratefull for the gift my family and friends gave me, they knew that music makes me happy! And it makes me very proud that my son Bart (Noose) shares the same passion for music as i do!

Special thanks to my dear family and friends for their support! 🙂

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